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When I became a professional triathlete in 1986 and started to train seriously and regularly, there were not yet any traithlon trainers. There was no complete idea of how you could get the three sports of swimming, cycling and running into a meaningful workout program. I had to put the sporting know-how from the time, split into three individual sports, bit by bit into a complete training program to enable effective triathlon training. During my active time as a triathlon pro between 1986 and1993 I laid the foundations for my work as a coach and trainer today. I extended and deepened my experience between 2008 and 2016 as an age-class athlete. I continually review and improve my coaching programs today.

Coaching Offer
1) Triathlon coaching for everyone

There are five levels to choose from depending on the performance level and ambition of the individual athlete. I support each athlete individually and adjust the coaching to his or her level and aims, and in so doing, I show where his or her potential lies. Really, anyone is most welcome to contact me , no matter what  foundation they bring with them.

2) Individual Consultation

Those who have individual issues such as planning a year, nutrition, training plans or questions about technology/kit would benefit best from an individual consultation.  You explain your situation to me and I support you in working out new perspectives and ways forward. 

3) Head Coach coaching
Sports clubs, schools or Triathlon Clubs engage me for particular themes, whether that be swimming, mental training or nutritional coaching..
To guarantee each athlete quality and individuality in coaching, I can only suppport a certain number of athletes at any one time which means there can be waiting times of up to six months. I hope you will understand!

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