Triathlon Coach Roy Hinnen

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Termin von 01.11.2018 bis 01.11.2018
Kopie von Kopie von Kopie von SaturdayRide

The ride takes place weekly saturday before the triathlon season. Here we go by the future tridome based in Wädenswil to a 2 to 3.5 hour bike ride with the triathlon experts Roy Hinnen.
Dates: 2 April / 9 April and 16 April / 23 April / 30 April / 7 May / 14th May / 21st May / 28th May
Location: tridome, Austrasse 15, CH-8810 Au / Wädenswil
Time: 13.00 - 16.00 clock
Program: Free bike training with Roy Hinnen, 60-100km
Bring: your own bike and all that it needs to Cycling
Audience: Trained Cyclists-makers, the average 5,000 - to drive 10,000 km per year and provide for 2-3 h is a power of 3 watts per kg of body weight.
No liability for accidents, illnesses and other incidents during the event.

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