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Swim Flume

Starting at the 1.11. 2016 in Horgen. The flume, which is 10m x 3m x 2.5m in size and weighs 55 tons is an absolute innovation in Switzerland: A swim flume equipped with all the latest technology and 3 cameras and with a flow speed up to 1.8m/s. (55s/100m) The flume was made by the manufacture TZ Leipzig and is the best on the market. The swim flume covers all the needs of a broad target group. Everyone, from inexperienced non-swimmers to ambitious performance swimmers to discerning rehab-patients.

The swim flume will be available to hire for analysis of swimming techniques, performance diagnosis, equipment tests, coaching etc as well as used for my own purposes (especially coaching, seminars and product development.

Video 1
Video 2

Video 3

Technical details of the swim-flume:

Swim-flume, 10m x 3m x 2.5m with a water depth of 1.2 m, variable speed control up to a max 55 sec/100m, water temperature 29 degrees celsius. Analysis software with 3 cameras, flat screen, download of videos (including usage rights)

 Terms of Service   Prices in SFr. for the use of the swimming channel incl. video
    30 minutes incl. coach 60 minutes incl. coach Groups of max. 4 Athletes for 2 hours incl. Coach Clubs of max. 8 Athletes for 4 Hours incl. Coach
    139.- 269.- 490.- 690.-
3 visits within 12 months 119.- / 357.- 229.- / 687.- 419.- / 1257.- 590.- / 1770.-

Attractive conditions for professional coaches and clubs with a booking period of at least 100 hours per year.

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